Todah Rabah - Thank You

Dear Camp Gesher Community,

Aleh v’hagshem - Go up and realise!  These are not just words, rather an eternal call to action that every camper, staff, alumni and friend of Gesher knows well. 


In the last 24 hours, our community has truly lived the call of Aleh v’hagshem as we united and collectively raised over $148,000 with the help of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation match.  We have so much to be proud of in this extraordinary community. We thank everyone for the support, both financially and for participating in our amazing community programs held throughout Yom Gesher. 


We appreciate the amazing dedication and work of our fundraising committee made up of Sheara Guttman, Stephane Acel-Green, Barbara Silverstein, Jeremy Otto, Gabe Meranda, Joy Axmith and David Moscovitch. We also wanted to extend a huge thank you to our program leaders: Sari Papular, Andrea Gilbert-Clark, Jonny Belinko, Miriam Brookman, Yael Shaffir, Joy Axmith, David Moscovitch, Aviva Penn and Elly Stern. Thank you for taking the time to lead the amazing activities throughout the day and allowing us to bring our community together in so many different ways. Another huge thank you goes to all our musicale acts that helped bring a beautiful end to Yom Gesher. 


We continue to grow together, and while doing so we will continue to remember the words of Theodore Herzl, “Im tirtzu ein zo agada - If you will it, it is no dream”. Gesher is a community of dreamers and builders, and our best is yet to come.


Thank you again for the support and for ensuring that this magical place will be here for many generations to come. Our hearts are full!


Sheara Guttman          Shoshi Lipschultz            Matthew Jadd

Fundraising Chair        Director                           Assistant Director

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