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Our KEN is a HUGE success!
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Camp Gesher Ken 2022/2023

The Camp Gesher Ken is a chapter of the Habonim Dror youth movement that functions year-round. The Ken provides the opportunity for social and educational activities all year, not just in the summer. The Ken continues building relationships with your chaverimot (friends) and your Jewish identity throughout the year.

There will be age specific Kvutsa events, all Camp events, and weekend seminars 

Seminars for those in Grades 7-12

Camp Gesher Seminars

Camp Gesher hosts three seminars for campers in Grades 7-12 throughout the school year that brings the magic of Gesher into a fun-filled Weekend Shabbaton!

Spring Seminar 2023 Details:


Dates:  May 5-7, 2023 at Camp Gesher


What is a Seminar?

A Camp Gesher seminar is a fun-filled time in which chanichimot in grade 7 and up are able to have a realistic camp-like experience and see their kvutzah and tzevet for an entire weekend! During this weekend, chanichimot can expect to do what they would normally do at camp from Friday-Sunday, including shabbat dinner, rikkud, and havdalah! 


Transportation Information:   

Please contact Bekah with any questions at 647-617-7695 (Shoshi will already be at Camp)


From Toronto: Borochov Center, 272 Codsell Avenue

Departure on May 5: Arrive at the Borochov at 4:00 for a 4:15 departure

Return on Sunday, May 7 at in the late afternoon around 4:30 PM 


From Kingston: A & W Napanee around 6:30 PM



Friday, May 5 Arrive at Gesher 7:30 - 8:00 PM

Sunday, May 7 Pick up no later than 1:00. The bus is leaving at 1:00


Cloyne Weather forecast as of 1:00 PM on Wednesday May 3:

Friday High 14 Low 3 Partly Cloudy

Saturday High19 Low 5 Mostly Sunny

Sunday High 19 Low 6 Partly Cloudy


What should I pack?

  • Clothes for the weekend (Remember its Spring! Any weather can happen)

  • Night time will be cold. Bring warm clothes.

  • Swim Suit - OPTIONAL polar plunge is planned!

  • Certain areas may be VERY muddy. Pack accordingly

  • Indoor and outdoor shoes 

  • Toothbrush, Towel, Toiletries, Medications, Sleeping bag and Pillow

  • Water bottle (Cold) and Travel Mug (Hot)


  • Ruach!!!

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