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We are a progressive summer camp and year-round community creating vibrant Jewish life for children ages 7-18. Our unique participatory, youth-led model creates a lively, profound and empowering experience, where campers can be themselves, build community, and bring the change they want to see in the world. Our camp is located in Cloyne, Ontario, Canada and our year-round community is active in Toronto.

We are a warm and inclusive community that values cultural, gender, and socioeconomic diversity. Camp Gesher is a place for all families and individuals; interfaith, LGBTQ, and gender expressions.  Our education inspires our campers to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and loved.



We create magic! We play in costumes, sing at the top of our lungs, and find ways to bring energy and creativity to the ordinary. Today we’re in Wonderland... tomorrow we’ve transformed lunch into a rock concert!



We engage in creative and challenging experiential learning through art, drama, role playing, and thought-provoking games. Our camp adventures encourage us to be curious and think critically. Guided discussions allow us to reflect, learn to be open-minded and empathetic.


We aim to create a vibrant, inclusive environment for all expressions of Jewish life. We root our understandings of justice and change in Jewish values and tradition. We’re committed to a vision of Israel as a progressive and democratic society.


From the youngest camper to the oldest counselor, the community is ours to shape. We all do everything at camp - from cleaning and building, to creating a Shabbat experience with our peers. Empowered by our sense of shared responsibility, we gain the tools & drive to create the ideal community we envision together.


We dream big and see the world as a place where we should and can make a difference through formal and informal education. 


66% of Jews who attended a Jewish camp considered
their Jewish identity “very important,” as opposed to 29% among those who never attended a Jewish camp.

Foundation for Jewish Camp

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