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Special days are when camp is transformed! The day will have a theme, including characters and a storyline, that we all become a part of. There are always lots of games, challenges, and wacky food, but we never really know what will happen!

Rev Day:

Camp takeover day run by our Madatz (C.I.T.'s). The Madatz spend weeks leading up to the Rev Day choosing the theme, creating a story line, designing activities and planning the menu. 

Special Day:

A theme day, run by the Madrichim (Counsellors) that takes everyone at camp through a magical story line and fun activities. Themes range from Star Wars to Shrek to Zombie Apocalypse. These days are loaded with great food, exciting decorations, and special activities.

Yom Sports:

Colour wars! Camp is divided into teams, campers wear their team's colour, face paint, make signs and cheers to be said throughout the day. Activities include soccer, basketball, handball, tug of war and more! There is also a cookout!

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