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  • Can I speak to my child on the phone?
    With the exception of birthdays, family emergencies, and extenuating circumstances, we typically do not allow campers to speak to their parents/guardians on the phone. You are always welcome to call our staff for updates on your child or write your child a letter either by snail mail or e-mail. We also encourage our campers to write home and if you find that your child has not written you a letter (typically means they are having too much fun), you can e-mail or call the camp and we will remind your child to write home.
  • What happens if my child is sick a camp?
    Our camp is staffed with a full-time nurse who cares for all the medical needs of our campers. There are multiple hospitals located approximately an hour away. We always will call our parents to update them when their child becomes sick and on their recovery progress.
  • What if my child forgets or loses something at camp?
    No child at camp goes without the essentials. We will go out to town and provide items such as toothbrushes, shampoo, underwear, etc. if a child loses these crucial items. We will also call or e-mail home if the child requests an item in which the staff believes is important but not essential. We also encourage our campers to write letters home to request items they would like to be sent up. We encourage you not to pack valuable items which can be costly to replace if they are lost/damaged.
  • How do you deal with homesickness? Can our child call home if he/she is homesick?
    All of our staff is trained in behaviour management techniques which include lessons on dealing with homesickness. Homesickness is typically a temporary issue for new campers and even returning campers in their first few days of camp. The best cure for homesickness is for our campers to have fun and have less time to think about home. That is why our first few days are usually packed with many fun activities. If the problem persists, we will call parents for tips on how to make their child feel better. If a homesick child speaks to their parents, it typically reminds them more of home and further exacerbates the problem. We will always call to let you know if your child is homesick and instruct you on things you can do from home to help your child feel more comfortable at camp.
  • We have a cottage nearby. Can we come visit the camp?
    Without special exemption from the Camp Director, parents are not allowed to visit camp when it is in session. Visiting parents may cause other children to get jealous and bring back homesickness in their child or others. There is a Visitor’s Day half way through the summer for campers who are staying for both sessions.
  • My child does not know anybody going to camp. Can you connect me with a person form his/her bunk?
    Due to our privacy policy, we are unable to connect you directly with other campers or their parents. However when you register for camp, we will send you some dates of our year-round activities where returning campers from your child’s age group may be in attendance. While attendance at these activities is strongly recommended, they are not crucial in your child’s success during the summer, as they will make friends on the bus on the way to camp.
  • Do campers leave camp grounds during the summer?
    Yes. Campers leave to go on tiyul on one of our close-by lakes. Campers may also go visit a neighbouring farm, do some community service project, go to a close-by town for their group activity kupa trip, or visit the nearby Bon Echo provincial park. Every trip out of camp, we send counsellors as well as lifeguards to ensure the supervision and safety of our campers.
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