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Join Gesher's Ken!

Throughout the year, we offer fun and educational after school programs. They are led by our dedicated counsellors who offer their time to create a Gesher community outside of camp. 

Ken Skating Event:

The Ken is fun, youth-led programming in Toronto centred around facilitating a meaningful connection to Judaism, a passion for social justice advocacy, and a year-round relationship with kvutsa and the larger Gesher community!

Sunday, April 7- 2:30-5pm 

Pesach Food Drive! Celebrate Pesach by giving back to those who are less fortunate in our community- register here! 


May 3-5 (Friday-Sunday)

Spring Seminar: 

Experience some true Gesher magic in nature with your kvutsa and the entire community for a whole weekend! Shabbat! Rikkud! Havdalah! Learning! Fun!!!

Sunday, June 2- Ice Cream Party!

Celebrate the end of an amazing year of Ken with ice cream and games in the park! New family meet + greet before camp!

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