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Where is Camp Gesher located?
Camp Gesher is located in Cloyne, Ontario, approximately 3.5 hours from Toronto.

After I submit my application, when will I hear from Camp Gesher?
After your application is received and processed by our office, you will be contacted by a member of our Professional staff to set up a time for your interview. The hiring process begins in November and continues throughout the Winter and Spring.

Once I am hired, what happens?
Once you have been hired to work at Camp Gesher you will be emailed a staff contract and important paperwork. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contract and paperwork are signed within two weeks. In the Spring you will receive additional information from
Camp about staff training week, packing instructions, etc. We are always available by phone or email if you have any questions at any time.

Do I get days off?
Each staff member is entitled to minimum of 6 days off throughout the summer.  

Do I get time off each day?
Each staff member is entitled to a period off each day. This period is determined with their staff team.

Is there a staff curfew?
Staff take turns being "on duty" in the evenings, supervising multiple cabins and or groups of campers. All staff must be in their living space by 1:30 am.

Will I have to attend a staff orientation?
Every staff member must attend our staff training held at the beginning of the summer. Staff training will give you an opportunity to meet new friends, socialize, become familiar with camp and learn valuable skills and information which will help yo
u be a great staff member.

Staff training runs from Thursday, June 20 – Camp Gesher's Opening Day on June 30. 

Staffing ends on August 20th for the season. 

Will I have access to my email?
Wifi is available in staff only areas and computers can be made available for staff who require them. Staff are free to use their devices during their free time and only in staff areas away from campers. Phones and other internet connected devices are not allowed to be used in cabins or in front of campers at any time. For personal devices (cell phones) the carrier with the most reliable coverage at camp is Rogers.

Can I have visitors at camp?
Staff members may have visitors at camp on a case by case basis on weekends only. More details to follow. 

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