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Alumni Update for 2014

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This summer we hosted Dror-Habonim chevre from Camp Kvutza, Camp Revivm and the founders of our beloved Machaneh Gesher. Over 150 alumni and their families joined the celebration.

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Annual Gesher BBQ This Sunday!

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That’s right, our annual BBQ is coming up this Sunday! All campers and families are welcome to join us at Earl Bales park at 4pm. See the friends and madrichim you’ve been missing ever since camp ended! Lost-and-found will also be displayed for picking up, and you can get information about the ken events for this year.

Please bring $5 for food and drink.
For more information about ken events like this one, please add “Ken Gesher” as a friend on facebook!

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Final Week of camp

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Shalom parents of machaneh Gesher.  By now you will have hugged and kissed your children, emptied their duffel bags, and realized what they left behind.  It might be a sweatshirt, perhaps a left running shoe, but for sure they’ve left behind a piece of their heart in their summer home.  The last week of camp was jam packed with exciting things to make the campers’ last week memorable. They were awoken in the middle of night between Thursday and Friday to have a Beatles themed enjoyment night where they danced to Beatles music in the sports field and adventured through the forest to identify John Lennon’s killer.  For their last Shabbat at camp, tzevet Mitbach (kitchen staff) prepared a mouth watering Thanksgiving style turkey dinner. On Shabbat we had a lovely musicale and a beautiful final havdallah on the beach as the moon sunk behind the lake.  We capped off our final Shabbat with some Myers ghost stories.  Sunday was Yom Ha’apallah, where the children spent the day pretending to be immigrating to Israel, pre World War II.  For our last evening program of the summer we had a spectacular Airbands, where the children prepared dance/lipsync routines and performed in front of the entire camp.  We capped off our summer with a spooky Myers themed banquet.  Well Gesher parents, it was truly a treat to write about your children for the past eight weeks and I’m really sad to see them go.  This is Matthew signing off.

The past few days have been a busy time for the Ofarim kvutzah. On Saturday, they stayed up way past their bedtimes to watch Monster’s University, which they enjoyed with their kupa candy. The next day they were right back into action and experienced the first Yom Ha’apallah. Throughout the day the Ofarim received multiple showers, due to being drenched, as they visited and participated in the activities set up all over camp. On Monday, the Ofarim started off their day by taking a trip up to the medura (fire) pit where they constructed mini fires to roast marshmallows over. After making and eating copious amounts of smores with the trippers, they jumped into the lake for their schiya peula (swim activity). By the time ofarim had finished bouncing around on the trampoline, flying down the slide and playing in the sand, it was already lunch time! They ran to the chadar (dining hall) and participated in barrel nation day by eating slice after slice of pizza. At dinner, the Ofarim joined the candidates of Barrel Nation’s election for a lovely meal of wings and fries. Dinner was followed by the tochnit erev (night activity) known as “Airbands,” where many Ofarim participated.  Since then they have been packing and cleaning for banquet.

These last few days have been a lot of fun for the Sayarim.  Their final Shabbat was a lovely time for all of them to enjoy each other’s company.  For specialties, they got to go tubing with our ski specialists, Robyn and Sparky.  Josh and Talia, our arts and crafts specialists ran a phenomenal final arts and crafts peulah for them which was followed by swimming in the lake.  The Solelim also spent a night watching friends as a kvutzah (group).  Although very few Solelim participated in Airbands they all thoroughly enjoyed watching the performances.

The Solelim have had a great last week of camp.  They finished the summer witha beautiful last Shabbat where we discussed all the good times of the summer and how sad they were to leave.  On Saturday they heard a classic camp tail in preparation for the upcoming banquet.  Sunday was Yom Ha’apallah, where the entire camp learned about pre-state Zionist immigration.  On the final day of camp the Solelim spent the day getting ready for the exciting but scary Myers themed banquet.  They left camp with tears in their eyes, saying bye to camp for another year.

The Chotrim ended their summer with a bang! This week included Yom Ha’apalah, a full day of linear, narrative activities about Zionist history. Later in the week they had a special fire-building activity just for them, and made smores over their own fire. The summer came to a close with two big activities: Airbands, where campers and staff alike choreograph fun and challenging dance routines and lip-sync along to pop songs, and Banquet, the last dinner of camp that we enliven with elaborate decorations and a theme. Unlike most kvutzot, the Chotrim did an Airband performance as a collective- everyone was invited and included to dance to Blurred Lines. Banquet, this time themed after the camp ghost story, gave a spooky, shocking ending to a wonderful summer, and an opportunity for everyone to get dressed up in their fanciest clothes. A successful wrap-up for a successful summer!

Now that our final week of Kayitz (Summer) 2013 concludes, the Bonim have proved themselves that they are ready to become the next leaders of Camp Gesher. Our last Bunk Night consisted of hanging out on Ski Rock together, while grilling food, playing guitar and sharing wonderful stories as the sun beautifully set. They also participated in Yom Israel (Israel Day), where they were active in the sun and learning about the second aliyah (move to Israel). It is sad to say good bye to the Bonim, but at the same time excited to see their return as Bogrim, and leaders of our home away from home.

The last week of camp has been one of mixed emotions for the Bogrim. As their last days as chanichim come to a close they are extremely sad to be leaving machaneh and the friends that they have made over their years coming to camp. While they are leaving Gesher for two years, they are all looking forward to next summer to join their national kvutzah in Israel on MBI. They all enjoyed their last Shabbat as chanichim where they spent the day practicing very hard for the final oneg of the summer- an honor reserved for the Bogrim each year. Monday night was Airbands, a dance and lipsync performance in front of the whole camp, so they spent the day rehearsing for their airband that they did as a kvutzah. The girls performed ‘It’s Raining Men’- culminating in the boys swinging down from the rafters to join the dance! To end off their summer, they spent Tuesday night at the scarily-themed Banquet and are sad to say their goodbyes and head on to the bus.

The final week has been jam packed with last minute fun and surprises.  On Saturday, the Madatz had the opportunity to talk to various counsellors about their post high school decisions.  That night they canoed to an island on Lake Pringle and heard the infamous Myers story.  The next day the Madatz played a crucial role in running Yom Ha’apallah-a day educating the chanichim about historical movements to Israel. On Monday they had a day of closing activities: first they had some time with their chanichim followed by a Peulah about a new Rabin Exhibit the camp recently acquired. For one big final treat, they got to leave camp for a surprise visit to Cloyne for ice cream. The day was concluded with a dance party in one of the cabins, a bunch of games in the Madatz mo and finally some late night swimming and paddle boating.

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