“Just as others have planted for me —

so too I shall plant

for the next generation.”

Babylonian Talmud, Ta’anit 23a





Strength, Sustainability

and Continuity

People of all ages who love Gilboa and want its mission to continue for future generations are invited to join the Builders and Dreamers Legacy Society.

​Leaving a legacy is an important part of one’s lifework. By making a commitment to Gilboa in your estate plan, you ensure the future of machaneh and continue to support the cause that is so important to you.

​Invest in Gilboa’s strength, sustainability and continuity, today, tomorrow and forever…

​Sign our "Letter of Intent” stating your wish to remember Gilboa with a planned gift, and join the Builders and Dreamers Legacy Society.

Giving is Easy

Many options are available

for Builders and Dreamers

Bequest: After providing for the needs of your loved ones in your will or living trust, you may choose to benefit organizations like Gilboa that reflect causes personally important to you. This option is the most common way for supporters to leave a legacy gift. If you already have a will, an attorney can help arrange a bequest with a simple ammendment or codicil.

Retirement Plan (401k or IRA) Simply naming Camp Gilboa as a full or percentage beneficiary of a remainder of a retirement account. Whereas retirement distributions to heirs are extremely costly (up to 70% in some cases), there are no taxes on distributions to 501(c)(3) organizations. 


Life Insurance: When Gilboa is named as the beneficiary, premiums may be tax deductible.

Builders & Dreamers News

An alumna who could only afford modest donations in her lifetime, made a transformative gift by assigning just 2% of her estate to Gilboa in her will. This small gesture ensured that she was able to care for her family first (they received 98% of the estate) and resulted in a large gift to Gilboa that she never could have dreamed of during her life.

Our Story

​​As our embodiment of “l’dor v’dor”, from generation to generation, we have arranged a gift to Gilboa that insures that a vibrant Jewish future will be available to our community’s children and our children’s children. We believe that Jewish camping is a powerful factor in Jewish identity building and that Gilboa is particularly important because it nurtures our future  leaders. 

- Marty and Ettie Taft

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